Police Station

We provide free Advice & Assistance at all Police Stations nationwide. Our team are accessible

24 hours - 365 days a year

We have a dedicated Police Station department which includes experienced Solicitors and Accredited and Police Station advisors. We deal with clients investigated for a wide range of crimes, from simple shoplifting to serious offences including Conspiracy to supply drugs, GBH, Murder, Fraud and Terrorism offences.

Proper representation and advice at the Police Station may avoid the need for further investigation or prosecution and therefore it is absolutely crucial to be represented by a specialist firm of Solicitors.

You should always exercise your right to a Solicitor at the Police Station. Everyone is entitled to free independent Legal Advice and Assistance regardless of their financial means.

Whether you are a Businessman, Teacher, Politician, Doctor, Engineer, Civil Servant, Dentist, Nurse or Security door staff, or have no occupation, once arrested you are subject to the same investigation procedure as a regular attendee at the police station.

Cases are often won or lost at the Police Station investigation stage. We have a 24 hour emergency service to respond to police station attendances at short notice throughout the UK.

In London / Greater London, Watford, Slough and High Wycombe we can attend within 45 minutes.

If you are wanted by the Police or have a pending case then don't delay - call us today.

You are entitled to Free and Independent Legal Advice. We at Don Solicitors are there for you no matter what time it is or what day, including Christmas Day and public holidays.

Investigation Stage

The steps are usually as follows:

  • Complaint made
  • Police investigate
  • Suspect detained
  • Fingerprints, DNA, Photograph taken
  • Suspect interviewed under police Caution
  • Police obtain statements from relevant witnesses and CCTV etc
  • Forensic samples may be taken (i.e. blood, mouth swabs or DNA)


Once the Police have completed the investigation process they will have a number of options. The investigation process is normally completed by a Custody sergeant or these days the Crown Prosecution Service Lawyer, who will decide:-

  • Whether to charge the suspect to attend court
  • Bail the suspect to return to the police pending further enquiries
  • Release the suspect with No Further Action, Or
  • Issue a Fixed Penalty Notice etc


  • If charged – released on Police bail to attend Court
  • Charged – not released on bail due to seriousness of the allegations etc

For further detailed information in relation to the above police processes contact us. If you known someone who is already at this Police investigation stage and wish for Don Solicitors to advise and represent them then contact us immediately.

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